Sunday, 21 March 2010

Why do we need church?

"Why do we need church nowadays? It's just superstitious nonsense. It's about time they were all closed and sold-off and all the money we save can be spent on useful things instead." Have you ever heard people talking like this? I have! What can we say to people to explain what church means to us and why we think it's needed more than ever? Although some might try and use the opportunity to evangelise the gospel in such circumstances, I know that I wouldn't be able to do this, being too confused and unsure of what I believe and why. I think I would simply try and explain that at times when I've had no-one else to talk to at moments of crisis in my life; when I can't talk to my neighbours because I'm afraid of gosssip; when I can't talk to my family for fear of burdening them; or I can't talk to colleagues because I'm not close enough to them, there are certain people in my church family who I can go to and tell them anything without fear of judgement or reproach. I can pray with them and feel the healing touch of God cleanse me of anger, guilt, pain and worry. Without these people I would have had no-one to turn to. Why are they there for me? Because of the church! Without the church, many, many people would not have had the benefit of this kind of support in their lives. Where does it come from? Straight from God! I think this is all I could say!

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