Saturday, 13 March 2010

Filey Parish 40 Days and Nights , Day 25 Heart Shattered lives

Psalm 51 1-2, 17-end
v 17, Heart-shattered lives ready for love
      don't for a moment escape God's notice. 

I used to think that only in reading the King James version of the Bible did I get that feeling of the beauty of the Word of God. Age has changed me.

I realised that a bus pass brings such free joy. Going to Scarborough on the 118 takes a slow hour to think ,
  • To Hunmanby across the fields
  • the past rail-link to Filey Butlins, a dead end line, Fit  now only for the safe storage of Bale rolls of straw
  • Under the bridge that had to be rebuilt because the 121 bus could not get under it
  • past a castle hill with no castle to see,
  • Across Flotmanby Wold with superb views of the coast and Lake Pickering
  • over the Brow , see in the distance where Starr Carr settlement intrigued the archaeologist
  • Willerby village , cottages built in 1756
  • across the Carrs; pigs, ditches, potatoes and Morrisons
  • Into Scarborough the railway way
I have thought about the topography, thought about the colour of the soil, wondered  whether this is a viable bus route, I am the only person on it , then start really thinking:
I give God all my concerns, ask for help to put things right, realise that everything is redeemable, that The Message is just that, for me, today, in Morrisons language, and that I don't for a moment escape Gods notice .

 Starr Carr, site of mesolithic lakeside settlement.


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