Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Filey Parish 40 Days and Nights , Day 22 ...a blanket of wool.

My dog loves snow, it turns her back nine years into a puppy, tongue out, licking the snow like a doggy version of an ice cream.
I don't, but after trudging down Martins Ravine with a deliriously happy pooch I start to think of things differently.
I personally think snow can be likened to God's forgiveness of our sins. Snow makes everything white clean and pretty, even the most ugly dirty objects which people quite often discard can look amazing with snow on. It cleanses the earth and cleans it as it melts. I think God knew exactly what he was doing with snow, a gentle reminder of his gift of forgiveness for those who repent, no wonder my doggy becomes so excited!!

Psalm 147
16He covers the ground with snow like a blanket of wool, 

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