Saturday, 6 February 2010

'you have to be seriously squeaky clean'

as i write this, football focus is on bbc1 and reporting on the news about john terry having had his england captaincy removed.

it's a very messy story with lots of people involved which will probably run and run. but it's interesting to see how the people involved have reacted to the story. mark lawrenson said today how surprised he was that john terry's people didn't advise him as soon as the story was out that he should resign. terry obviously felt he'd done little wrong that would affect his role as england captain. what about honesty? integrity? teamwork? trust? it says an awful lot about what terry values as his priorities in himself and others

i'm pleased he's not the england captain right now and i'm pleased the england manager fabio capello has made this decision.

lawrenson also said you have to be seriously squeaky clean to be an england football team captain; not a bad aim for the rest of us too, isn't it?

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  1. Yes, I was surprised to hear that Terry had been sacked. Why? Just look at what our politicians can get away with, only to come bouncing back a few months later once the media frenzy has died down. It had begun to seem that society had become so tolerant of 'sleaze' that they no longer cared how lose the moral conduct of their public figures became, as long as they 'got the job done'. So it's right that a role model for millions of people has been seen to reap the consequence of his actions and that a whole generation of children will now be thinking about why this has happened. We should not gloat, because these things can happen to the best of us, but we need to pray that God will show Terry that what he did was wrong, because he doesn't seem to know.



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