Thursday, 25 February 2010

Filey Parish 40 Days and Nights , Day 9 Paul on psalm 138

Paul says

Think of your favourite song. It may be a song from a musical, it maybe something by Take That, it may well be a favourite hymn. Just take a moment and go through the lyrics in your head. How far can you get before you can't remember a line? I'd imagine that most of you can get right to the end without any trouble. Why is that? It's not any of us have sat down with a copy of the lyrics and read them over and over again as if revising for a test. It's because we've heard and sung along to them many, many times.

It's for the same reason that singing in church plays an important part in our Christian journey. I would think that everybody who reads this (and I don't think I'm being optimistic) would be able to name at least 5 hymns that they could sing without having any words in front of them. But you haven't just learnt the words, you've received the message that's within them. And there are some very powerful messages in a lot of the hymns and songs that we sing. Sometimes they can help us to understand bible passages that we previously had trouble making sense of or seeing the real message.

Yes, singing can be a joyous and uplifting part of a service, but it's message can be just as important as that contained within a sermon or bible reading. And which will you be singing to yourself on the journey home?

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