Friday, 19 February 2010

Filey Parish 40 Days and Nights , Day 3 Dirty Linen

I had a lot of looking over the roof tops , and down into Jerusalem when I was in Israel. There are several places where Pilgrims are taken, either to view the Western Wall, to look over to the Mount of Olives, or simply to watch the everyday life of children  in their schoolyard. You can hear, then see, noisy processions of Boys on their way to Bar mitzvah by the wall in the exclusive Men Only Section . You can see the dozens of Police vehicles waiting for the trouble that hopefully will not happen. I like the picture of the clothes or washing or  dirty linen on the flat roof in the sun. Just like Bathsheba ,it is on the flat roof, to get clean. Didn't quite happen as she expected though did it? When we get into trouble of the temptation turned to sin ,kind, we say we are in hot water, or in something up to our necks. So then, it is good to know that laundry of the spiritual kind is the the way out of the awful guilt, even though  we may take some time, and turning in the living water  to actually come clean.
Wash away all my iniquity
       and cleanse me from my sin.  
Psalm 51 v2

Lent   helps me to sort myself out


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