Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Equality Bill

I have only just got my head round the debate about the Equality Bill thanks to Rosemary Bennetts Analysis in todays Times. Even the comments on  its online version seem to open reason and common sense for me. Yes I have been reading all that  John Sentamu has been saying on the subject, but I am afraid this ordinary retired of Filey person is not able to understand what he, and the other Lords Spiritual, actually said . Neither do I understand the comments . The bloggers from Archbishop Cranmer to Archdruid Eileen have commented on the bill. All the tweeters have been talking about the bill in less than 140 characters. John Sentamu's tweets are I'm sure not always from him , as they are stilted and lacking in emotion. I think he has a professional PR person now to write them for him. His tweets last week were all about the Equality Bill, and that  is how I knew it must be important. I am trying to be up to date and topical for you. So a big thank you to Rosemary Bennett for writing a piece that I could understand. The equality bill seems very good in parts. The debate over those parts which have Christians worrying  are open to the democratic processes . Our MP will be changing next Summer , as the new boundary changes take place. We need to make sure we are informed and ready to elect a man or woman of integrity to serve our views.
On Twitter, where you may follow me as margaretkiaora, (87 followers)where I am myself ,or Fileyparish (96  followers ) where with Simon(103 followers) I tried to be the PR for you all, without being stilted or lacking in emotion  the tweets are followed by Everyman as well as bishops and journalists. Granted some are in Ohio and Colorado, I have blocked the dubious page 3 ones, but you can see that I need to be informed. Filey is after all on the world stage, like it or not. In the south of England, mention Filey and it is well known. Margaret Drabble and Antonia Byatt evoke it in some of their novels. The Fourth Estate is always talking about it as a 'gem of a place' for beach holidays of the the most wholesome kind. Even Michael Portillo has shown us to the world.  My plea with this blog is just this- Open up to the world . Be informed. Let us not just be known for our lovely beach. Think about issues that will ultimately affect you, whether it is the right to equal pay, the right to worship where you want, the right to worship not at all, the right for a Christian church to employ just Christians.

  • the under 60s of Filey who are equal
  • the retired of Filey  who are more equal than others
  • the born here of Filey who have equality thrust upon them.
When John Siddle taught me O level  English Literature he never mentioned the gender bending in the plot of Twelfth Night. I don't suppose  it would have been allowed, but MY , it would have made Shakespeare so much more interesting.

Galations 3 v28 (The Message)
In Christ's family there can be no division into Jew and non-Jew, slave and free, male and female. Among us you are all equal. That is, we are all in a common relationship with Jesus Christ.

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