Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tell all your Filey friends

If like me friends are always saying they wish they knew how to access this blog, or understood how to use a laptop,
Tell them to go to the Evron Centre Filey on Thursday Mornings, FROM THIS WEEK  and try an absolute BEGINNERS COURSE.

View from Evron Centre Grounds(dont you think this picture has echoes of Breughels 'Hunters in the snow!'-will add to site when find it)

This is where I started  in 2001, as an absolute beginner , with no computer of my own. I used Filey Library's Computers then , then my son in law, fixed me up with a fourth hand one the size of a Moog synthesiser (almost!) and for internet I did dial -up ,until last year when I got broadband, having got the ISP  that 'Which'( Filey Library on-line) recommended as being reliable.
The recent bad weather has convinced my 90 yr old mother to try on-line grocery shopping in an emergency. Like it or not computers do not rule you, you RULE them , if you let them work for you. Something about being being wise
'let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance'-Proverbs 1

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