Saturday, 9 January 2010

Always winter ,never Christmas

I thought a little colour would brighten our thoughts. I have really enjoyed this snow thing believe me. Our Christmas in Brighton  was not so different from any other Family Christmas, except the venue. It is always exciting to be somewhere not completely familiar. We spotted this restaurant on our way back from Church on 27th December. (A Holy Trinity Brompton plant , informal service like  Cafe Church , full of families, prams, pensioners, and fashionable young things, so we felt completely at home).I love the pinkness of this Indian restaurant, and will go there next visit, it was just so unexpected. Oriental eateries are expected to be Red or Orange, Ginger or Brown like the colours of tamarind, cinnamon and peppers and turmeric. This was the colour of saris and Bombay Stores(Bradford).

The only thing about the last few weeks that irks is the colour of snow. I havent like Miss Smilla got more than one word for snow. Yesterday evening  it was a delight to go outside the back door and enjoy the whiteness. Anyone who has walked into town today knows that the whiteness is soon corrupted.(Sermon there Mary).
I have enjoyed talking to total strangers about snow. In the bank a lady was telling us all how as a child in Rutland Street her uncle had to climb out of the window and make a narrow path through the snow. You could only walk down the middle of the street in a space about 2 feet wide cut in the waist high snow.  That was 1947. I was born in March 1947, and it had snowed since Christmas. My family tell similar tales.  Or there is 1961, when as a teenager we were cut off from Sutton village and mother took my sister and the sledge through the snow drifts to get bread and milk from our home  . I was always peeved that I had to stay behind with my other sister , but realise now that I was trusted to look after the house. We didn't get through to school for ages, no hardship there.  We spent hours out of doors in the snow, making igloos and snowmen . We were given  mugs of soup outside the back door. All the neighbourhood children were together, we sledged down the lane . I have never forgotten it. I was talking  to Lucy (my Posada friend) this morning. She was surprised that none of the neighbourhood children were out enjoying the snow in the Pastures Estate. I wryly think as she does that they are indoors watching DVDs. Still Lucy and her dog Georgie had lots of fun . I would just have loved to watch her little dog pushing a tiny snow ball along until it was bigger than he.
My greengrocer and butcher are delivering to those who cant get out, Online grocery shopping will have taken off, and we all thank God for  thermals, cup a soups and Yorkshire Coast radios updates to parents of school children. May it last long enough for us all to be thankful for the Spring on its way, and be over soon enough for none of us to get cabin fever.
Tomorrows psalm of the day(29)  says
'Pray that our Lord will make us strong and give us peace'

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