Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Best Christmas Letter
Having already read through several blow by blow accounts of people's lives duirng the last year, most of which were totally boring, I received the attached letter from a dear friend. I don't know whether its original, but my thanks and acknowledgement to whoever wrote it.

Dear All

We have been thinking about you even though sometimes we do not put pen to paper, telephone, email or text with that thought - sorry!

Therefore let us share with you a few words - that hopefully may, especially at this time of year, give you strength and courage:

May you have a loving smile, heart, and shrewd judgement.
Seeing someone’s face light up at the sight of you –
Knowing you are needed.
The smell of garden flowers etc,
Land just been ploughed,
The sea.
Listening to the birds,
People talking
Or just quietness.
Feeling of a warm cosy jumper,
Log fire,
Sun on your skin,
Sand on your feet
Love in your heart or
A letter covered with kisses.
Saying sorry or someone saying sorry to you.
May you always find exactly the right words to put bullies in their place and most of all the strength in your knees to walk away with dignity.
We wish you the joy of
'I see'
'I understand'
The excitement of a new discovery.
Always something you want to do, learn or go to see.
May life never grow stale and always having a small unexpected happiness given by a stranger or a
Friend with a smile.

We have been richly blessed by you our close friends, family and immediate surroundings and apologise if at times we have not had our eyes open to the good in all situations.

Our love, thoughts, prayers are with you all for a healthy and peaceful time ahead.

God bless you.

.... and to that I add my Christmas wishes to you all

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  1. I wish I had read that before I sent my cards ! But it sums up what I would have liked to say. Thank you ,Lord for each moment of the past year: the waves crashing over the Brigg,grandchildren having donkey rides,walking the fells,watching the bulbs as they push up thro the earth and every breath in my body you have given me.



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