Friday, 13 November 2009


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I have been worried that my Printer is not working. Last week I got it going by switching on and off. This week it was much more important that I have it working as the Churchwardens at St Oswalds  asked me to do a notice for them, and Spouse wanted a picture of our son in law with our grandaughters for the sitting room. I cant show it to you, it is lovely , I cant put pictures of young people in the public domain  without permission, which I have not got.
Simon said I could put a picture of Jake here, and I have the photo of the backs of some young people , no one will object to that.
At the Remembrance Service last Sunday , St Oswalds was full to bursting. It was a delight to see the Sea Scouts, Scouts, Guides and Brownies and Rainbows, all the young members of the Lifeboat Crew etc, etc  smartly uniformed and taking part in an Act of Worship where we Thanked God for the  Serving  Armed Forces ,and those from Filey past who died serving King and Queen and Country. I am so sorry I cant put a picture here to show you the scene. I want you all to know that Filey has lots of young people who will be good citizens of the future.

Back to the Printer. I was worrying about it in the small hours. I knew I had tried all the utility tabs and info points.  I had made sure all the leads were in. One dialogue box said 'communication error'. This morning I started worrying about how I was going to manage. I can print things off at the Library. I could ask the Vicars secretary to print something off at the office. I could take  the  memory stick round to my friend in Hope Street. Oh dear! I thought the one thing I haven't tried is to pray about what to do , so I did, not exactly laying hands for healing on the machine, but asking God what to do next. So I clicked open a few more tabs and realised the Ink was out. Sorted.I feel better now , my mood has lifted. Why do I always forget to go back to the Manufacturers Manufacturer?

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