Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Nostalgia and repentance

Peter Church took this picture.  I am doing the right thing.  I am not claiming it is one of mine. It is the picture of a pub where we had lunch yesterday at the remarkable price of £8 for two people for two courses. We hadn't meant to have lunch out, but having taken Aged Parent to bank and supermarket in Beverley we decided to come straight home and not have a sandwich with her. She had to go out again (in Taxi )after lunch  for a Retinal test, and preferred the two short trips than one long one approach. Mother insisted on giving me £10 for a cup of something on the way home. She will be thrilled to bits when she hears that we also had a cooked lunch, excellent service, at a pub with plenty of easy parking (I am a bit  dilatory and enept in this department as my prayer partners will have witnessed recently).
I have driven or been driven past this  pub for over 50 years. Every time I see the sign for the name "Nags Head" I recall a remark I made to my Aged Parent when she was not yet Middle Aged Parent  comparing her with the eponymous sign.
I am sorry. I am recalling the way I treated my mother when I was a teenager.  I was rude, I was disrespectful, I threw a plate of scones at her once. I repent, and I have told her so. She has forgiven me. I am beginning to realise that it is never too late to Honour(respect) my Mother.  She is the only mother I will ever have.  My children will have their own agendas, we talk about when they were teenagers , and they have forgiven me for not letting them watch Neighbours  when it started.

Our drive home to Filey  from Beverley, the Leven way, included another unexpected memory jolt.

Children of the East Riding who grew up just after the war are all schooled with tales of the RAF  and the airfields at Lissett and  Leconfield, we even had an RAF station in my village of Sutton on Hull.
Although only the decaying huts remain at Lissett, a memorial to 158 Squadron  was unveiled by John Sentamu in May against the sublime background of the Windfarm that we all glimpse from high above  Grindale and Kilham, to Lissett just a few miles  south of Bridlington   .

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