Tuesday, 6 October 2009

how refreshing

a week after manchester city striker emmanuael adebayor was fined £25,000 for taunting fans of his former club, richard dunne's goal 'celebration' was a welcome sight.

adebayor got in trouble for running the full length of the pitch to taunt fans of his former club arsenal, who were understandably angry as a result. dunne, who scored last night for aston villa (his new club) against manchester city (his old club), showed a more mature approach to celebrating his first goal for his new club. rather than cheering and jumping around with his team-mates, he simply walked back to his team's half of the pitch - his reward for this was applause from the opposition fans.

dunne said 'i really enjoyed my time at man city... as much as it was nice to score my first goal here, you still have to remember how much city have helped me... that's the way i feel. i respect the fans and everyone there so it was the right thing to do for me'

how refreshing to this this kind of approach to loyalty and recognition and being sensible in such an emotive arena.

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