Tuesday, 22 September 2009

zip wire theology

a couple of weeks ago we spent a beautifully sunny day in dalby forest. we took a group of young people from filey and hunmanby on the go-ape high wire course. this course requires you to climb rope ladders up the tallest trees, to tackle obstacles such as scramble nets and tarzan swings whilst suspended 10 metres from the forest floor.

one of our group leaders was rev. sam foster (in the video above) who helps others explore fresh expressions of church. whilst reflecting on our challenging day we wondered how many sermon references we could come up with from the day's activities. talking about taking a step of faith is an obvious one, the safety advice 'always stay attached' could easily be used too.

instead of making simple theological reflections we found the day to be full of surprises, challenges and character building moments. you really get to know people when you're suspended from a wire in the tree tops together; trusting relationships are built very quickly.

to share amazing experiences in an incredible environment is a wonderful thing.

is this how church should be?

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