Thursday, 17 September 2009


Do they work?
  • Five years without a full-time job, feeling as though I was already retired in my mid-forties.
  • Asked God for help two years ago when my eldest left home and I was bereft. Started taking prescription drugs which helped but didn't really deal with anything.
  • Finding a new family in the church.
  • Baptism & confirmation.
  • Helping anyone who asks. Voluntary work. Church.
  • Still on medication. Coming off doesn't work.
  • Make friends. Take up a new hobby. Feel alive.
  • The topic raised at my homegroup was 'jobs'. It all spilled out. I finally admitted my work issues.
  • One week later I attend a leaving do for one of the groups members and find someone I know there. A teacher. We talk. She says she's moved on at work and they need someone to do her old job. I ask a few questions. "But that's what I do!" I say, which is true but only part time.
  • The next day I receive a call. Could I come for an interview. I go and I get a good feeling about the place and the people. Two days later I receive another call. When can I start?
  • I started yesterday. I love it. It's what I've been waiting for. It's what God had in store all along, but he was waiting for me to admit my need and give it to him.
If you feel that your prayers aren't being answered, why not try giving them to someone else to pray about. Admit your need to them, however personal or difficult the issue is. Maybe that's what God's waiting for.


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  1. Hi Peter. Glad you've had a good start. Must be a great boost to the morale. Well done you.



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