Sunday, 27 September 2009

Our well loved Stationer and Bookseller

I have been mentioning Wrays for three years in my blogposts. It has always been a favourite shop in Filey. I have bought all my books from him for 20 years. I gleaned the shelves in the chain stores in Scarborough, and made notes of titles I wanted with birthday tokens and the housekeeping, and always gave my order to Mr Wray. The book would arrive usually the next day , discounted with good business practice. He even knew what I would be ordering, having kept his own mental note that a new Donna Leon or Lindsey Davis or the Prom Guide would be due. He knew my name, as he did with all his regulars, and with his right hands Julie and Margaret would be a triumvirate of Service.
Ancient parent , with sholley used to process slowly to Mr Wray, during her 6 month stay with me when flooded from her home in Beverley. I would say , 'Where shall we get to today?' and she would reply ' I'll manage as far as Wrays'. She browsed happily through notebooks, paper bands, pens and Basildon Bond (for her copious correspondence) Napkins(for presents),toys for Great grandchildren, Calenders in July for November posting abroad. She was treated kindly. She went back the next day for more. She had her sit down with Carol in Fosters, bought postcards, and then we processed home.
Our regular Mondays with our little Reuben (aged nearly 3) involve a similar progression. Budgies,  Sterchis ,Angela and Mr Wray. We always buy a small toy. We save up in the Christmas Club for Sylvanians and Playmobile sets.
How we will all miss you Richard Wray. You enriched our Filey Life. Rest in Peace.

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