Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I didn't realise

So I thought  I knew plenty. I knew nothing about Homelessness in our local area, until Judith Pullen from SHSS came to talk to Mothers' Union this afternoon. I naively thought all we needed was a Night Shelter, but realise now that this is just a sticking plaster on a broken leg.
Every year SHSS helps people  to find  bed for a few nights , but more lastingly with the advice and support to get their lives back on track.  These people are not drunks and drug addicts but people(mostly men) who have walked away or removed themselves from relationships that have broken down.  Or they are ex-servicemen who left without the home and security  of the Armed forces in  a world where they are just not able to cope , or lack the skills to manage their own practical day to day lives.
So now you know, be more  informed,look at their  website.


  1. Hi Margaret. Do you know about Street Angels? They were mentioned at the Fresh Expressions Day last Saturday, and they do brilliant work in Scarborough too.

  2. Thanks for that . Scarborough_UK the Facebook Group linked to the Twitterer of the same name has details of a training course for anyone wanting to become a Street Angel.



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