Thursday, 3 September 2009

climate change - what would jesus do?

just come back from our holidays, part of which was spent at greenbelt, a christian music and arts festival in cheltenham.

greenbelt has been part of my christian/spiritual journey on and off for 20 years. a place of encouragement, challenge, acceptance, refreshment, learning and much more. i'd like to share some parts of this year's festival on this blog.

this year, as in recent years, climate change was a key theme on the seminar programme. tamsin omond, a climate change activist, spoke on the challenges we face and asking what would jesus do about climate change. here's a short video showing her top five ways to tackle climate change.

Five ways... to tackle climate change from Greenbelt Festival on Vimeo.

what do you think? are they realistic? could you take on one or more of the challenges? use the comments system below to share your thoughts.


  1. My son has taken the stand against air travel and at this moment is travelling to Lake Como by train. He may have to rethink his snowboarding in Colarado, however. But he and his wife walk to work every day or takes the tram. He too was at Greenbelt...the 3rd tent on the left!

  2. is Greenbelt even Christian??? I know it talks about God related issues but with people advocating homosexual is biblical!! and that the deity of Christ is doubted.

    I think that climate change is not our primary concern as Christians i can think of a million other things that we should be protesting about and committing time, energy and resources to.

  3. Were the first two comments by the same 'Anonymous'? Surely Climate Change must be 'a' prime concern, certainly in the top 100 of 'Things a Christian should be concerned about'. I don't think it's a particularly good message to so flippantly abdicate our responsibility to the planet which God entrusted to our care. It was the first commission that He gave us after all. I admire anyone who takes any action to try and reduce their own effect on climate change. I know I should do a lot more, like not using my laptop as much. Bye!



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