Monday, 24 August 2009

We're loving the summer!

My busy August has come to rest for a few days. I take stock of the three week visit of ; small grand-daughters and their parents from Sussex, best friend and family from Surrey, sister and family from Cheshire and Northamptonshire, mother from Beverley, other sister from Sutton on Hull, and forays often from small grandsons and parents from Scarborough .I thank God for Family. I thank God that for most of the time the weather has been fine, that I like cooking, that we have a garden, a SBC beach hut and the tide fitted into our schedule.
Filey is doing what it has done for years. At 8:30am each morning, grandmothers like me are scurrying around the shops avoiding later queues in the greengrocer, and bakery, and buying yet more milk, more milk, more milk. Grandfathers are promising lemon-top ice-creams on the front . We sit in our beach huts watching hundreds of other families pass by on the promenade. We discuss their outfits, tattoos, suntans , prams, dogs, as they pass. They are doing the same , discussing us , as we sit on our loungers drinking tea and reading a line in the paper over and over again. On an sunny August day ,tide, beach, chips, shops, sea , yellow and red flags, windbreaks ,wasps may make a perfect day.Thank-God for the seaside.
The countryside is also doing what it has done for years. It has been tamed somewhat . The Dalby Forest now has metalled roads, a Childrens playground-tastefully sylvan, a New Visitor's Centre , walkways and cafes. But the Bridestones are the same , a touch of wild adventure for the under sixes with a picnic , grandparents and a bottle of factor 50. Thank -God for beautiful views.
The North East coast is doing what it has done for years, the lifeboat is called out, children are lost, helicopters hover over the low tide strand at Hunmanby -Gap, The MV Patricia excites interest , the Yorkshire Belle and Regal Lady take a trip to the Bay . Thank God for safe-returns.
So I have an interlude of a few days. Friends will visit soon.
I have time to get back to gardening. For three weeks all I have had time to do is teach small children to spot caterpillars. Yesterday I had to do more than seek and destroy. I have had to remove all my Brassicas to the compost bin. I am trying to Thank-God for such healthy and fat caterpillars , now pupating somewhere. All I can think of is Thank-God I have time , just ,to Plant more Kale, and ask Him to make me like it.

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  1. August 2009 at 21:11

    I find it hard to thank God for wasps and slugs ! But moments sitting and watching the changing sky over the bay from distant rain falling over Flambro to the crystal clarity after the rain..... Thank you ,Lord.
    Simple pleasures of children jumping waves.... Thank you ,Lord.
    The joy of being alive.......................................Thank you ,Lord.



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