Sunday, 16 August 2009

Killer crab attacks Filey Lifeboat

Not true of course , but if you have been a grass widow whilst the re-run of 'Twenty Thousand leagues under the sea' or 'Moby Dick' takes to the small screen yet again in our house, you will begin to understand truth can be stranger than fiction. Now I suspect that a hidden agenda is lurking in the legend
'Killer crab attacks Filey Lifeboat ,Heroic seagulls swoop to rescue'
but that is not my concern today. This daughter of the sea, in the order not of Melchizedek ,but Merchant Seaman has always supported the Flying Angel charity, now known as Mission to Seafarers(see our Mission link). Sitting in our chalet with binoculars I catch sight of tankers on the horizon, and huge container ships. Today I think of the missing cargo ship , and of the merchant seamen on board, as negotiations must be taking place after ransom demands, aggravated extortion and alleged hijacking are investigated.
In Filey on our Lifeboat weekend we also are thinking of ,and thanking God for, our own lifeboat crew. They also risk peril on the sea. I like the thought in the window of my optician

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