Friday, 7 August 2009

The amazing Bar-tailed Godwit

I have seen this bird several times in my life mostly on the Tees Estuary when I lived in Middlesbrough. I have also seen them in Filey a few years ago. In the magazine “British Birds” I read of some Bar-tailed Godwits breeding in Alaska which had satellite transmitters attached to them. These showed that they flew across the Pacific Ocean to winter in New Zealand, flying non-stop for 8,000 – 11,000 kilometers in 6-9 days. One female bird flew the full 11,000 km. without stopping in 8 days! Isn’t this amazing? That made me think that if God can sustain a mere bird, how much more can He provide for us! (Luke 12:6-7)
[ There wasn’t any handy bar-tailed godwit for me to photograph so I found one on Flickr taken by Rupert Pye which is much better than one that I would have taken!]

1 comment:

  1. He seems a bit downcast, perhaps a little self-conscious of his nose? (Is this what life's about, wading knee-deep in water with a barbeque skewer welded to my face?)



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