Sunday, 19 July 2009

Top Trumps

I am hoping that someone will do a template widget for the Top Trumps of Religions . I so enjoyed using the Atheist Bus widget on this blogsite. BBC Radio 4 mentioned the Religions Set brought out by the Humanists on their Sunday Programme this morning. Top Trumps is a popular card game played mostly by young people (and their grandparents. ) We have had the Postman Pat set for several years waiting for our 5 year old to read so that she may play. I used to love the Dr Who set and the Star Wars set but I think the High School Musical set and the Harry Potter set are probably doing the rounds now. Oxfam brought out a great set for the FIFA World Cup in June 2006. I love the way we can laugh at ourselves in our Broad Church, so am thinking up slogans already before Ship of Fools gets in on the act, so come on some Clever Widget Maker.

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