Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Joy and privileges

When I started blogging in 2006, I realised that for me it was and is a great joy. I have the freedom to share my opinions, thoughts, my failures and successes, my bright ideas and my foolish ones with the cyberworld.
In my reading group at Filey Library are several authors, and listening to them I know it is really hard to get published in paper form. It seems to be about who you know, where you are and who can interest ,even bother (vb)to take an interest. Blogging is just not like that at all. Anyone can do it, anywhere, and it is totally free.You need access to a Computer of course, and the Internet . In Filey Library you may have 30 free minutes a day on one of theirs (not Tuesday or Sunday) , you just have to pre-book at busy times.
I have a lot to thank Filey Library for actually, It was Chris (Thanks)the librarian who helped me set up my first e-mail account and steered me through Webwise, a BBC interactive Tutorial for anyone wanting to use the Internet mailing for the first time. This for me led on to sessions at the Evron Centre where the YCC held (no Longer) classes as part of their Adult learning Programme, learning Text Processing, Desk Top Publishing,Using the Internet course, Website Building for beginners etc .This was a privilege for me, to learn as an adult , to be treated kindly and patiently , to gain skills that then got me Full Time work.
Blogging now, is a skill easily learned ,once the fear of pressing the wrong key has gone. I have found that because I blog , so my letter writing has taken off again. I have ,you could say re-discovered the use of Language, Grammar and communicating. My English teacher (Greatfield High School 1961-4) lives in Filey (clue here-Summoned by Bells). At the back of my mind I am still thinking that he will be marking my musings and correcting my syntax.
Blogging gives you freedom to express opinions, to read those of others, to develop rational, to contribute to a debate, to keep informed and to make contacts and cyberfriends.

I have always been a reader of the Forth Estate. This is historical. My family took the Yorkshire Post every morning and the Mail in the Evening. It wasn't until I was in my teens that I realised that the Mail wasn't THE Daily Mail, but a provincial rag 'The Hull Daily Mail'. These papers helped me to realise that opinion was just that, a slant on a perceived truth.
Now I read about 16 blogs a day(At the moment and growing). All right for her I hear you say. I do not have to go to school every day now. I do not have to clean the house every day. I do not have to watch TV every evening . I am organized. My 16 blogs are all collected every day by Google Reader and I click on that and see all the days contributions. Like reading the paper, but I only have to read what interests me. I am interested in all the current debates in the Anglican church. So I read

This Parish blog is done on Blogger, another member of the Google Family. Blogging is a Joy and a privilege because
  • I have the freedom to express my views
  • I have the freedom to read the views of others
  • I can comment on views I disagree with
  • I can interact with people with similar interests (networking)
  • I can stop interacting when I change my mind about the usefulness to me of anothers blog.
  • I am keeping my brain active and staving off the death of brain cells.
The websites of those supporting the Suffering Church remind us of the privilege of free speech .
God can do anything you know-far more than you could ever imagine of guess or request in your wildest dreams. He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.
Glory to God in the church!
Glory to God in the Messiah, in Jesus!
Glory down all the generations!
Glory through all millennia! Oh Yes!
Ephesians ch3 v20-21 (The Message)

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