Saturday, 13 June 2009


My daughter Alice was due to have a baby on 30th. May. We waited and waited for news and Alice was coping better than I was! She was due to be induced on Tuesday 9th. June but the hospital told her on that day they were too busy to admit her. However she got admitted the following day and Jack was born at 6.42am on Thursday 11th. June. Definitely worth waiting for. Mary and I managed to take time away from Filey to go and see him yesterday. Through all this I am reminded that when we desperately want something to happen as soon as possible we often have to wait and believe in God’s perfect timing. The Israelites had to wait 40 years to enter the promised land so that puts it well into perspective!


  1. What a handsome fella. Can't think where he gets it from!!

    Congratulations Mary & Brian.

  2. Congratulations to you both. When I looked at the picture one word came to mind immediately........ "Heaven".



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