Thursday, 18 June 2009

Surefish, Filey bay salmon and St Peter's fish

In our small community the Fishing Industry, once the lifeblood of this town is now a blocked artery. EU rules , quotas and red tape have hindered and finished most of the small Family Fishing concerns whose stories are now the stuff of legend. I was born in Hull and when I was at school in the 50s and 60s young men joined the Trawlers from school at 15. We stood in Assembly many times and remembered lives lost. Now St Andrews dock is somewhere to go for a Curry after a visit to the Multiplex. I sit in St Oswalds looking at the Fishermans Window or the monument to those 'whose bodies have not been found' and know that for the Hunters and Jenkinsons, Capplemans and Cowlings, Crimlisks and Scotters their proud heritage , remembering their fishermen forbears, has power to influence their mind set even now.( More in Michael Fearons book from Wrays)
It is not lost on me that the Surefish logo and name used by Christian Aid is quite apt for us here. The real Surefish is not one that got away or slipped through EU nets but an age old logo from the Greek Ichthus The fish was the sign over 2000 Pentecosts ago that the first Christians would use , the secret logo.
We have just heard that we have not made the shortlist for the Surefish Church Website of the Year competition run by Christian Aid and The Church Times. I was going to say I was gutted ! Unlike the fishing Industry in Filey and Hull , a blogsite which started life inspired by someone who walked on water , ate St Peter's Fish ( it has lots of bones believe me ) fresh from Lake Galilee and cooked fish breakfasts after a well publicised death ,is not going fade away; not for lack of readers, lack of plaudits, lack of apparent interest. This Blogsite depends for its lifeblood on a Kingdom Faith for a Kingdom People in a town where a King will one day be enjoyed and revered more than Filey Bay Salmon or a day at the seaside .

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  1. June 2009 at 12:32

    The Fishermans Choir will proclaim His Sovereignty.The folk on the Country Park on Easter day will swell to an incredible number and the town will wake up to greet Easter Day with such joy that cant be contained.



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