Thursday, 25 June 2009

Down but not out

It has not been such a good week for me if weighed up and analyzed and measured on a scale set by the world.
My outcomes would not be viewed as successful, my time might seem to have been wasted, my productivity is misplaced and flawed and my relationships are strained .
I will explain .
  1. (A)For several weeks now I have been making and freezing meals containing no onion or garlic prior to visit of elderly relation who only eats boring food. Actually I do myself down there as I am a good cook, and perfectly able to do spicy with no onion or garlic, and fillet steak with no onion or garlic, or salad with no onion or garlic, but I also had to do soft. So I have a freezer full of cottage pie, fish pie (Filey Bay salmon of course) , tomato pasta sauce, and Bolognese (very herby , no garlic or onion). The food organized, I set off ,by train, in a benevolent if not smug way to fetch elderly relation for her holiday by the sea. Filey to Seamer, Seamer to York, York to London Kings Cross, London Kings Cross to St Pancras International ( a 5 min walk across pleasant bustling building site). St Pancras to Burgess Hill by First Capital Connect. At the door of her flat elderly relation,bags packed, is not well, not up to travelling . Sorry Dear!
  2. (B)I am an efficient seeker of travelling information. National Rail Journey Planner sits happily at the top of my screen . I bought the tickets for my Great Rail Journey to fetch aged one in May, so got a good deal . Non refundable . Silly girl.
  3. (C)Back home in glorious seaside resort , my large family network have all fitted visit to elderly relation into their hectic schedules. Hullteacher sister will bring ancient Mother over, Cheshire sister will come over for a few days, Scarborough daughter is planning a buffet tea and priming small boys to behave. I have cancelled all rotas. Spouse has cleaned bathroom to perfection.
  4. Second concern -this blog. I have been looking at the Stats. 14-23 people reading a blog every day is hardly a success is it? Spouse ( has been reading Job I expect) says "You need a website meeting to discuss the future of the blog"
  5. Third concern -Mayonnaise is 50p dearer in local supermarket than in Morrisons.
  6. Forth Concern -"somebody should write to SBC and complain that the Beach Chalets need a coat of paint , what does that say to the visitors of Filey. Filey never gets money spent on it , fancy closing Martins Ravine " harangued lady at neighbouring chalet today who has never spoken to us before in all the 15 years we have rented one, despite smiling and saying trying to say 'Good Morning' to her.
It does not finish HERE, however. I might be technically down , but there is NO WAY I AM OUT.
  • I loved my sessions in the kitchen, cooking boring soft food. I listened to Radio4 for the first time in ages. I had forgotten how good it was, Afternoon Play , Open Book , The Archers.
  • I bought 3kg of tomatoes from Smarts in the Quick sale Bin for about 60p for tomato sauce with lovage and celariac to support pasta dish for the aged .
  • My great rail Journey to the South gave me time alone with Sweet Thursday by John Steinbeck, now my Desert Island book choice, much subtler than P and P.
  • I had time to see the new Hockneys in the Annely Juda off Bond Street. Kilham as never seen before! Trees , computer drawn trees- what an innovator -make sure you click HERE.
  • I managed a quick visit to daughter, son in law, 2 small girls in West Sussex.
  • I managed to read daily papers left on seats of trains.
  • I got to see CSI on TV.
  • I saw Worth Abbey from the train.
  • The return ticket to deliver relative to urban flat will not be wasted, spouse will travel south next week and enjoy flying visit to daughter,son in law and 2 small girls in West Sussex and get to see CSI which he will have to grin and bear. I will that day be able to watch it at home.
  • I will get a refund on the non refundable ticket if elderly relation gets a doctors note , which she will.
  • Family network is surviving , dynamics are a bit strained, but jolly sister from Cheshire has arrived anyway and is enjoying her beloved Home County , with glorious weather and delicious food to which onions have been quickly added.
  • Stats are just that, Stats. They do not represent the views of REAL people . If one person a day is enjoying the blog, it is nothing to the pleasure I get when it is my turn to put thoughts to electronic page. Besides we have a new follower who has a great blog of his own that Pete and I enjoy. We have been saying recently that the OT could be rather gloomy.
  • I do not have to shop in local store, but I choose to. Morrisons is 4 miles away and does not have cheerful Paul from church working in it.
  • I am glad the lady at Chalet twenty something has at least started talking to us. More will follow.
I am on Chapter XXI of my battered copy of St Thomas a Kempis. 'Of the Imitation of Christ' It leads to Psalm 86 (The Message)
Make a show of how much you love me ...............
As you , God gently and powerfully put me back on my feet.


  1. Hi Fileans - I know how you feel about the blog and have similar disappointements when I log on and find I have not taken over the blogosphere. But you are right, it's in the small things that we need to take encouragement as even one person reading your blog and getting inspiration is a success. I am one person who does, so thank you for taking the time to post!

  2. Fileans - it could be a letter in the bible. Paul's letter to the church at Filey ;-)

  3. Wow Margaret! This blog represents a new watermark (Or bloggermark) for this site. What a lesson in silver lining awareness. I think you deserve a medal for making such a mammoth journey to bring your relative back, even if she had been able to come. It speaks volumes about you, that you are able to transform your initial disappointment and frustration (I would have ben spitting venom!) into a list of all the positive things you got out of the trip. It will certainly help me to think things through next time I find myself in a similar situation.


  4. more will follow............. I hope so please keep up the blogging. I am not a blogger although I do add things to my wall on face book. so I need others who are brilliant at it so i can read them!!



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