Sunday, 10 May 2009

more macho hymns needed in church

according to an article in the daily mail, a recent survey shows that men want to sing more 'macho' hymns and they'd prefer to see less flowers in church. some said they don't like embroidered banners or dancing in church and others weren't keen on hugging, holding hands or sitting in circles discussing their feelings. i can understand this, we can do this too much in churches.

in his book why men hate going to church, david murrow suggests that churches are unintentionally designed to appeal to women and children.

but i get a little scared by the work of organisations like christian vision for men with their 'stand up and fight' conference, it's just not where i am.

i went to the pub the other night with two men from church, we entered a team in the quiz night for a bit of fun and the opportunity to get to know each other better. there was no singing in the pub, no flowers, no embroidered banners and no hugging or holding hands. but we did discuss our feelings in a small group, but this happened naturally, no-one led our discussion. it wasn't church, but god was definitely there. i could see him at work in the community-building, the sense of friendship and the constant laughter. i'm keen to see more of this.

we left the pub keen to do it again, but with no programme, no agenda, no plan. but if we see something we think we'd enjoy we'd give it a go.

and maybe let women join in too. only maybe though.


  1. I've been meaning to comment on this for a while. The irony of finding God in the strangest places aside, it's amazing how we meet with God when we often least expect it too. To me this makes my experience more real, so I wait expectantly for the unexpected. You guys look like you have a great parish.

  2. Russell, thank you for your encouraging comment. The website team all Know they depend on a Great God and want everyone in the Parish to do so too!



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