Wednesday, 22 April 2009

In praise of service

A friend has just updated her Facebook status with

'thinks that the lady at the supermarket checkout should have served her instead of saying, "could you go to the one over there love, I'm having a natter."'

I see that she already has some comments posted. I think I can guess which supermarket she is talking of.

I was upset when the Computer shop next to the Pet Shop closed down. I ran out of ink for the printer last week, and tried the Emporium in excelsis . No they had not seen the gap in the market. I tried my favourite Bookshop and Stationer. No they would not be stocking ink cartridges of the computer Printer kind.
Dutiful daughter of this anorak blogger obliged her mother by trying the specialist ink Cartridges for Computers shop in Scarborough. I owed her £20 for the resulting purchase. She explained how she had been told how difficult they were to supply, such an old printer, best get a new one.

My Newsagent however , of the kind where they know your name, said they would try and get me the Cartridges in future.
One week later and they are in stock and £8 cheaper than the specialist shop, and the same quality. Thank -you very much.
I would like to be spiritual and said say I had prayed for God to supply my needs. I cant , because I didnt. However

'Before I even speak a word you know what I will say' Psalm 139 etc etc.

That will do for now.

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  1. Just a quick note to thank you all for your thought provoking blogs during Lent. I found them challenging, inspirational, emotional and full of God's love and wisdom



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