Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Filey Parish:Blogging for lent- God's gift of security

Is security imagined or real? Are those warm feelings of being safe and secure when we batten down the hatches on an evening justified, or are we simply shutting out the reality of how vulnerable our lives are? Would it be possible to function at all if we didn’t block out the fact that any one of a thousand awful things could happen to us at any moment?
Animals tend to be far more conscious of their vulnerability than us humans. Our dog will often jump up at the slightest unexpected noise and our cats will quickly slink away if they sense even a hint of danger. They still manage to function, but at a far higher state of awareness than you or I, a state that would render us incapable of living in anything like a civilised fashion. So why is it that humans, for the most part, manage to subdue this natural insecurity, or fear- sometimes to the point where they put themselves in real and immediate danger? Nowadays we use statistics to convince ourselves of how safe we are; the probability of our being seriously injured on any one day is not very high, and we use this fact to brush aside the corresponding fact that there is still a small but equally real probability of something bad happening.

Personally, I believe that our ability to feel secure in this world to a greater or lesser degree comes straight from God. The blessings he pours down on us every day does not just include the nice weather or the lovely scenery, our food or the love of our family and friends. It does not just include our material blessings or our health, our five senses or our ability to create beautiful things. We would not be able to appreciate or enjoy any of these blessings if it wasn’t for God’s grace to uphold us simply through His will, whether we believe in him or not. If it wasn’t for this we would all crumble under the awful weight of our insignificance in a vast universe, hurtling as we are through space on a cinder of compressed stardust. Isn’t our ability to simply keep going a testimony to the best reason we have to feel secure- God’s love.

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