Sunday, 12 April 2009

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He is risen indeed Alleluia.
I have been enjoying the spoof Facebook Passion. Anyone who grew up learning History from their copy of 1066 and all That by by Sellar and Yeatman (1930 and still in print) could easily find that this take on the Triduum is very thought provoking, and that besides the must do alluding to Dan Brown's wild ideas are some other wry comments worthy of exegesis. is where you will find the whole thing to download as a pdf .
You do need to be familiar with Facebook however. I have had enough snowballs thrown or Scarborough Gifts or invitations to take an online quiz from my Facebook friends to be ready .
I sat through the 3 hour vigil on Good Friday and realised that the Facebook Passion really got it right when it said 'Jesus is offline' when he died. Easter Saturday is such a waiting , blank day.
On this Easter Day 2009 Jesus does indeed write on Everyones wall .

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