Saturday, 11 April 2009

Filey Parish:Blogging for Lent . Don't trust my soup.

Our house is full. It is the Easter Holidays. I am feeding spouse, small children, daughter of the careful gluten free veggie(ish) kind who doesnt eat red meat if she can help it, and daughter from Scarborough and more small children who are picky but like garlic.
Today I remembered a carton of delicious homemade lentil and tomato soup languishing in the freezer waiting to nourish and sustain.Those who had been at the swings all morning, and then had hit the Filey Emporia with small change would soon be home asking
'What is for lunch Grandma, we're hungry?'
The soup started to defrost as I warmed it . I realised that it was infact mince and brown lentils in a rich gravy. I managed to add water, lots tomato puree, sieve the red meat and lentils out. I chopped coriander and lovage quickly, with 3 cloves of garlic and stirred it in . I added the rest of a packet of spelt spaghetti and tasted . It would just pass for Minestrone with some grated parmesan.
Things are not always what they seem.
Sometimes perfectly wholesome looking things are hiding something we would not really like to palate.
Except with Jesus-what you see is what you get.
'Delicious Grandma',
'Lovely soup Mum'
and I kept quiet.

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