Friday, 3 April 2009

Filey Parish:Blogging for Lent . Be Prepared (2)

I am getting ready for the arrival tomorrow of second daughter and offspring(aged 4 and 5) for their 2 week Easter visit. I have stocked up with all the unusual food items, Redbush Tea and Spelt flour, Quinoi and Marmite rice cakes, and Organic apples. This involved careful planning as Filey, from where I never normally stray for food shopping , does not stock any organic fruit and Mills Metro has never heard of Spelt. Daughter in Scarborough has had to help me with the planning, our text messages buzz constantly as she asks me if I want any Coriander or Divine mini eggs.
The planning also involved what I call a deep clean. I hate cleaning of any kind, but Brighton daughter and progeny are allergic to cats in a big way. We are new to cats, this one belonged until June to London son who was unable to take him to his new flat. My Planning has had to include a 3 week stay for Samson in Cayton Carr Cattery, and the purchase of an expensive cyclone cleaner from Mr Dixon . It took me all yesterday morning to do the sitting room. I have washed all the cushion covers, wiped and Dysoned everywhere. The sight of the washing on the line made me wish my sister (who arrives later today for her 10 day break) could have seen them, as she is a paragon of cleanliness and housewifely virtue.
So I am ready. In my mind I am preparing gluten free meals, making a Simnel Cake with rice flour and deciding whether or not to have Spring lamb from Adrian for Easter Day lunch.I am thinking I can manage the Sunrise service and get home in time to do the boiled eggs with faces.
I have been to see my dear friend in St Catherines Hospice. She too is getting ready for her Easter, the real thing . She is more prepared than I am. She says she feels cocooned in Gods love, she is ready to meet him face to face, and 'to be with Christ which is far better' Philippians 1 v23.

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  1. What a wonderful blog. Your spring cleaning has helped to sweep some of my own cobwebs away today. Thank you. I'm glad your friend is in such a positive place.



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