Monday, 6 April 2009

Filey Parish: Blogging for Lent – Security in Timing

I love singing but sometimes I get the timing of music wrong. Lately I’ve done some choral singing and I feel secure when I am watching the conductor so I know how fast to count and so hopefully get the timing of the entries and long notes right! This reminds me of God’s timing. Sometimes I have made an entry too early as other members of our church worship group will tell you! So we can go ahead of God. We may want a prayer answered immediately when God wants us to wait. We need to have security in God’s timing! At other times I am so worried about making a fool of myself with an early entry that my entry is late instead! So fear can stop us from getting on with doing what God wants us to do. Just like I trust that my conductor has got the timing right, how much more should we trust that God has got His timing right. A human conductor like all of us can make mistakes but I still trust them. God never makes mistakes so we should trust Him even more. Often I get impatient to see God doing more in our churches and I am too fearful to do anything about it. I need to be more secure in God’s timing!

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