Sunday, 12 April 2009

Filey Parish: Blogging for Lent- Is it true?

In preparation for this final blog for Lent I watched several videos about the resurrection on ‘You Tube’, and read a couple of apologetic articles on the subject. But however much I research things, I don’t seem to come any closer to making my mind up. When the case for resurrection is put well I find myself agreeing that the evidence is very compelling, but against this my life-experiences are constantly insisting that physical resurrection from the dead just doesn’t happen- that it’s impossible. Like the Virgin Birth a large part of me resists the very idea. I can’t help wondering why God expects us to believe in things that are so far removed from all earthly reality (Is there a clue there?). Sometimes when I say the words of the creed I feel so hypocritical because I know, even as I read, that I am still questioning.
Do we have to believe in the resurrection to be Christian? If we have somehow managed to believe in the virgin birth, Jesus' divinity and his ability to redeem us of our sins, isn’t this enough? Well, firstly I think that this is not a justifiable standpoint. If we can accept the concept of all the other things I’ve just listed, then why should the resurrection give us any difficulty? All these doctrines are difficult concepts for the logical mind to accept and require us to look beyond the ‘provable’. We should be able to accept Jesus' word about who he was and what he said he would do, including that he would 'rise on the third day'. If we cannot get to this point then doesn't that mean that we don't trust Jesus? Isn't that what faith is all about- trusting? Secondly, we have to ask how important the resurrection is to the whole ethos of Christianity and I have to say, even though I am still struggling to accept the event itself as factual, I cannot see how the resurrection can be seen as an optional doctrine. After all, this perceived event was the thing that kick-started the Christian religion. If it wasn’t for the disciples’ belief in the resurrection they would never have turned from relatively weak, dithering, ‘Ye of little faith’ individuals (Sounds familiar!) into the kind of people who were prepared to die for their faith. Only a concrete belief in the resurrection as a fact can explain their transformation and subsequent martyrdom.
So I have to consider that, if to be a Christian I have to believe whole heartedly in all the doctrines of the church, including resurrection (And I believe I should), then maybe I do not yet qualify. But if my searching for the truth- if my hunger to know God and His son more fully- if knowing in my heart that I need Him in my life above all else- and all this in spite of my ‘feeling’ so far away most of the time; if these things have anything to do with being a Christian, then maybe there is hope

If you do not have any questions about the resurrection or about any of the doctrines of the creed then I thank the Lord for giving you the gift of faith. You have been truly blessed. For any of you who are still searching for answers, one of the best treatments I have found on this subject can be found at:

I wish you all a very happy and eggful Easter.

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