Monday, 2 March 2009

Filey Parish:Blogging for Lent . The Fag break and the supermarket carpark

When you start to look for them it is easy.Places of Isolation I mean. This one is a favourite aesthetically.It has just the right mix of happy holiday canopy, garden pottery , and country park eatery. This next one is bare but functional. The punters have been thoughtfully provided with a wooden bench made by a Filey equivalent of the Mouseman, but they usually prefer to stand on the adjacent steps out of the bracing wind.

The one in Murray Street boasts a sea view, but it is standing room only. You do get a view of the Hitchcock like roosting of hundreds of Starlings on an October evening in the Ivy of the Bank next to the Post Office(yes , we have one).For sheer audacity you cant however beat the one above the Snooker Hall. An eagles nest of a place of Isolation.
I needed a place of Isolation myself on Wednesday, for some Lent downtime, apart , quiet and by necessity alone. I found it in the most surprising place. Aged parent needed an hour in the supermarket, and I with no shopping found that perfect place in a sea of cars , with a view of incoming lorries, a blur of passing shoppers, prams and trolleys. I am re-reading my ancient copy of 'A feast for Lent' by Delia Smith. I quote
"In Chapter 58 of Isaiah ..whatever our problems, whatever yoke we are tied to , if we submit these problems to God's intervention, gradually the whole situation can be illuminated and changed. And if we're in any doubt, God's promise is quite definite:'the Lord your God will always guide you' and 'give you relief in desert places'.....If we are going to take Lent seriously, we need to ask God to show us any dark areas in our lives that are outside our control...."
A way out of Isolation.

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  1. Great article Margaret. I loved the photo's, especially the 'Delia on the Dashboard' shot.

    Yes, we mustn't forget that sometimes we need isolation. It doesn't just bring loneliness, it can also bring peace.



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