Monday, 30 March 2009

Filey Parish:Blogging for Lent . Be Prepared (1).

We had a terrific thunderstorm in Capernaum last week. I reached into my Mary Poppins bag and found a spare umbrella, and a £1 waterproof poncho(from Dixons) for 2 fellow travellers, as we stood looking at the ancient village where Jesus had lived during his ministry in Galilee. We read the story of the healing of the mother in law of Peter, and then later saw a rainbow. Back on the coach someone said "I bet you were a Girl Guide" laughingly. I was of course. I was quite proud with some of the small but useful things I had taken to Israel. We needed the nightlight and pencil torch for the Powercut in our hotel, grateful to walk down 2 strange staircases lit by mobile phone lights in the dark to our rooms . I didn't need my washing line and pegs, or Imodium Instant ,but the 'Birds of Europe' lent by Aged parent was well used.
The places we visited in this amazing country were very well prepared for the hundreds of pilgrims passing through places where Jesus had walked and taught. There were seats for our group to sit whilst our Spiritual Director led a short Devotion and we sang a hymn, or the Palestinian Christian Guide explained a point of History. The Rest Rooms were spotless and plentiful. We had no queueing , everything was planned .I did go up in the Cable Car to the Mount of Temptation. I was mentally prepared this year. Here is the Photo as promised.

Jesus prepared his disciples for his Death.
'The Son of Man will be handed over to people who will kill him. But three days later he will rise to life.' All this made the disciples very sad. (Matthew 17 v22)
I was not prepared on Friday night as we returned to Filey. I was not prepared for a message on the answerphone. I was not prepared for the visit on Saturday Morning from the husband of my Dear Friend. I was not prepared to hear that she is in St Catherines Hospice. I was not prepared to hear that she will not recover. I am crying , I am not prepared.

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  1. Dear Margaret. No, we cannot prepare ourselves for things which come out of the blue. We do not have Jesus' apparent ability to foresee events. It's too late for you to prepare for what's happened to your friend, but we are all prepared to be here for you if you need us. I'm sorry that you had to come home to such bad news after what has obviously been a wonderful holiday. God Bless.



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