Thursday, 5 March 2009

Filey Parish: Blogging for Lent – overcoming loneliness.

With more people in Britain living alone than ever before, loneliness is a very common problem. How do we overcome it? Peter in his blog on Tuesday mentioned that Jesus had a special and close relationship with God the Father. Simon with his photo and caption yesterday gives us food for thought. Here in Filey we are used to crowds on the beach and in the Country Park especially in the summer. But wander on your own in a crowd and the feeling of loneliness is even worse. On the other hand we can long to go somewhere isolated and enjoy time alone away from the pressures of other people. Jesus knew about that! (Mark 1:33-37)
So how do we overcome loneliness?
1. Pray! Talk to God. Tell Him how you feel. Listen to Him as He speaks to you in various ways – thoughts, Bible readings, other people.
2. Get involved! Meet with others as you help at church or in charity work or in a hobby or special interest club.
3. Develop a positive attitude to your particular circumstances, e.g. more free time – rather than a negative attitude, e.g. too much free time.
This advice may seem condescending and glib especially to someone suffering from depression or hard of hearing. Christians do have an advantage because they know God but often prayer can be a battle and getting involved in things involves time and energy. Overcoming loneliness is not easy but it is worth working at. As for me, I am grateful to God that I am no longer lonely. It was not me but God did it.

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