Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Filey Parish: Blogging for Lent - what tempts you?

every time apple release a new product i'm tempted. every time i watch the gadget show i'm tempted. last week i took delivery of my fifth ipod, i have a couple of digital cameras, there are three apple macs in the house and two laptops. it's not just mp3 players and computers; i'm tempted by bigger memory cards, faster adapters, quicker chargers and let's not mention the iphone.

maybe the challenge is to question my justification for succumbing to my temptations. i use most of the gadgets i buy, some more than others. this makes it ok doesn't it? if i'm tempted to buy something, eat something or do something and i do it, i can very easily come up with some kind of justification. perhaps someone else should make my decisions for me; what about free will? what about learning from my mistakes? but what am i learning if i keep buying the latest ipod?

i read one definition of temptation being 'the desire to have or do something that you should avoid'. i'm not sure i agree with this, but then i wouldn't would i if i was trying to justify buying the next new gadget.

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  1. Don't worry Simon, when the kids go off to uni they'll take all the best gadgets with them and you'll be left with the clockwork stuff. Oh, and you won't have enough money left to buy new stuff. Problem solved!



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