Saturday, 21 March 2009

Filey Parish: Blogging for Lent – Mea Culpa and Fasting

I love my food and I have a sweet tooth with a fondness for chocolate and biscuits. Often in Lent I have resolved to give up these things. Sometimes my motive for doing so is not pure because I want to lose weight! However I frequently fail. I usually manage when I’m on my own but social events are my downfall! This year I have resolved to give more money to the church each time I give in and my cheque at Easter time is eagerly anticipated! No wonder the church treasurer in fun dangled a delicious home-made chocolate cake under my nose at one church social event! But of course this is not real fasting. Jesus knew about real fasting when He was in the desert. I tried fasting completely for one day on one occasion and all day I had a splitting headache. So I’ve been reluctant to try it again – probably wrongly so. How much more Jesus must have suffered when He fasted for 40 days! Fasting seems to be a rare discipline these days but the very act of self-denial could help greatly in our prayer battles when the Lord lays something important on our hearts. If we suffer we have the comfort that Jesus knows exactly what it is like.

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