Sunday, 8 March 2009

Filey Parish: Blogging for Lent - i couldn't do it!

i've been living in filey for a little over six months. i've always wanted to live by the sea. a major attraction for me on the coast has been lifeboats. from an early age when my family went on holiday to cornwall i was always mesmerised by the lifeboat stations, boats and the stories of lifeboats crews who would perform these daring rescues as volunteers. volunteers! i couldn't believe these people would do this without getting paid, that they would go out onto the sea in a boat when the weather forecast says you shouldn't.

not long after we moved here we took a look round the filey lifeboat station and got a peek on the offshore boat. the person showing us round said the crew were always looking for volunteers if i was interested. the look on my face was a mix of 'is she serious?', 'you must be joking!' and absolute fear. had i missed something? did living by the sea mean you have to volunteer for the lifeboat crew? would people think less of me for not being on the lifeboat crew? i began to immediately think of reasons why i couldn't be on the lifeboat crew.

i'd love to be on the lifeboat crew. but the fear gets the better of me. the fear of sea sickness kicking in when you should be in control. the fear of being woken up at 4am by a bleeper. the fear of being relied upon to help save lives. the fear of doing something with so much responsibility. i could go on. and on.

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