Monday, 9 February 2009

scolari sacked

wow, wasn't expecting that one. but then we're getting used to it now aren't we? a football club manager is appointed, is given a couple of months to win the league and then sacked if they don't deliver the goods! tony adams was sacked as manager of portsmouth football club as well today after only 15 weeks in charge. what kind of message is this giving young people who follow their beloved football clubs? they must be thinking that sacking people without giving them a fair chance to succeed is the norm.

only four of the clubs in the top half of the premiership have managers who have been in post for five or more years, the clubs that have stuck with their managers are consistently better performers.

we need to invest more in time, in long term stuff. i read a report a while back about footballers and their relationships with their managers; it suggested not expecting any major benefits until a manager had spent three years with their players. that's a significant investment and one that makes a lot of sense if we want to see teams/communities/friendships grow and make a difference to our lives.


  1. It saddens me to say this but, as a one time football fantatic, football is in a state of moral collapse. It seems to have lost all sense of its original purpose and values as a game. This starts at the Premier league and runs right through to junior football.

    No one can argue that the wages and transfer fees paid by the big clubs is either morally justifiable, fair for the smaller clubs or sustainable for the long term good of the game. Taken with the behaviour of the players where lack of respect for officials is rife, cheating and diving is seen as Ok its time for a change.

    I recently took my son to see Hull City play Newcastle United in the FA Cup. Most of the fans were intent more on abusing the opposition fans rather than watching the game. Incidentally the next round saw the opposition fans (Millwall) tearing up the seats and hurling them at the Hull supporters.

    Unfortunately this behaviour has infected the amateur and junior game where there is a shortage of referees at amateur level due to abuse from players and parents (a great example).

    The question this poses for Christian sports fans is how we repond to this state of affairs?

    Engage in a morally bankrupt institution with the aim of changing from within or transfer our allegiance to sports where the values remain intact

  2. hi ben, welcome to the filey parish blog and thanks for your comment. i agree with you, as long as clubs and players behave and act they way they do, young players and fans will try to emulate their behaviour. i believe christians still need to be within the game and seek to change it, it's the only way, but a massive task. take a look at an organisation that seeks to support sportsmen and women be positive influences in their teams/sports.

  3. Thanks Simon I'll check it out



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