Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Participative Church

Click here to read my article on this subject inspired by a recent trip to a conference in Sheffield. I haven't posted it to the main blog because it's rather long winded!

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  1. I enjoyed your thoughts, and very stimulated by them. One good idea and then three come like the London buses. Imagine how I felt just now at ST O'S to find leaflets saying that on Sat 27th June there is a conference 'New Wine Equipping day with Mark Carey" in Queen Street Methodist in Scarborough.Very accessible for us olds of Filey.( A friend in Harrogate goes to his church and so I have been following his blog. Fresh Expressions with my friend is putting it mildly. It is a delight to hear about what is happening , and so encouraging.) Your Participation ideas remind me of those of a friend in the 80's (the late Mark Birchall) who wrote a book on Body Ministry. It seems that ideas ahead of their time were not wasted. Why am I not surprised!



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