Saturday, 28 February 2009

Filey Parish: Blogging for Lent - themes for weeks 5 and 6

preparation and security/dependance, these are the themes for the filey parish blog for weeks 5 and 6.

the time jesus spent in the desert was about preparation. have you ever spent 40 days preparing for something? sometimes spending 40 minutes in preparation is a luxury in our busy lives. we'll look at what being prepared is a about. there's a lot of talk at the moment about security, especially about security in jobs when it seems every week businesses close down and make people redundant. so we'll blog about feelings and experiences of security and depending on things/people.

blogging on these themes starts tomorrow, sunday 1 march.

to explore more about lent online check out wikipedia, the church of england or the bbc. to explore lent face to face, check out the filey parish lent study groups, information can be found here.

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