Thursday, 26 February 2009

Filey Parish: Blogging for Lent - themes for weeks 1 and 2

there are six weeks in lent and we're going to look at a different theme each week. our themes have been chosen by looking at the bible and the experiences jesus had which have shaped what lent is all about.

the theme for week 1 is isolation/loneliness and the theme for week 2 is fear/danger. in the books of matthew, mark and luke in the bible we read about jesus' time in the desert where he spent 40 days fasting, praying, preparing for his future ministry. did jesus feel isolated in the desert for so long? did he feel lonely? how did he overcome these feelings? when are our times of isolation and loneliness? there may have also been times when jesus was afraid, the account in mark says he was with wild animals, this may have been dangerous too. what fear and danger do we encounter today?

join us as we explore these themes in the two weeks from this sunday.

to explore more about lent online check out wikipedia, the church of england or the bbc. to explore lent face to face, check out the filey parish lent study groups, information can be found here.

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