Sunday, 25 January 2009

a young voice?

'power alone cannot protect us, nor does it entitle us to do as we please'.

'a new way forward based on mutual interest and mutual respect. america would leave iraq to its people'.

'starting today we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking america...'

'a new era of responsibility'.

these are just a few of the many quotes from obama's inauguration speech that appeared all over the papers, websites, blogs and in conversations at work, in cafes and at school gates.

do you have a favourite? is there one that stirs you the most? or do you think they are all empty soundbites?

michael tomasky in the guardian this week said 'obama's most stirring oratories have certainly sung with ageless poetry. this speech had those moments, obama from time to time reached back to abraham lincoln, george washington and even to saint paul. but what was surprising was how rooted in the current moment it was'.

whatever you think of his speech, one thing that surprised me this week was that obama's chief speech writer is only 27 years old. obama appointed joe biden as his vice-president because of his washington experience, but equally obama believes there is a role for a younger voice in his office. jon favreau is the 27 year old speech writer that wrote the first draft of the inauguration speech in a washington starbucks and has found coffee shops across amercia as the best place to pen the words that obama has used to woo the american people.

as a youth worker, i'm excited to see someone so young used to create something so important, creative, passionate and challenging in a world where age and experience often takes over because it can.

a youth forum for people in and around filey is being launched next month. representatives from the county council youth service, the police, the borough council area forum, town council, church youth work and other organisations have been working together to provide the kind of network where young people can have their say and have their voice heard about where they live and what they do.

who knows, maybe we'll hear from the next jon favreau.

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