Wednesday, 14 January 2009

what's your dream job?

how about this one? a caretaker is required for a paradise island off the queensland coast. £70,000 salary, rent-free villa with pool, 12 hours work a month. it is being described as the best job in the world. see more here.

also in the news today barclays cuts 2100 jobs, jaguar land rover cuts 450 and reports that young people are finding it tougher than ever to get their first job. as we read daily reports of job losses and people struggling financially, how do you react when you read that manchester city football club are keen to sign a new player, brazilian striker kaka, that might cost them £100m with weekly wages of £500,000? yes, weekly wages!

so what's your dream job? is it working in the australian sunshine on a remote island? or is it playing football in the english premiership? or is your dream job to be employed, earning a wage that supports you and your family and allows you to be independent, giving you a sense of pride in your work and a contribution to the community?

if you're the praying kind, think about those who are in jobs with an uncertain future, those who are facing redundancy and those who support people who face life at the moment without work.

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