Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Shack. by Wm. Paul Young

I am a person who normally doesn’t like writing but a book I’ve read has made me want to write about it! My Christmas present from my mother was a book named “The Shack”. It is a Christian fiction book which has been doing the rounds in my sister’s church in Brighton and had made quite an impression. On first seeing it I didn’t know what to make of it especially as it was written by someone I have never heard of. But I started to read it and in a few days finished it. Since my illness 10 years ago I have difficulty in concentrating when reading books but this was one of the few exceptions. This book is absolutely unique! There is nothing like it. I don’t want to give away the plot and spoil it for anyone who wishes to read “The Shack”; but what I will say is that the main character is a man who is very angry with God. There is a “Great Sadness” in his life and God meets him in a unique and surprising way. I reckon one of the commonest questions atheists and agnostics ask of us is “Why does a loving God allow such awful sufferings in the world?”. The trouble is, it bothers us Christians as well and is not easy to answer. When we try we see our atheist friend smile. I reckon “The Problem of Pain” by C.S. Lewis is one of the best on the question, but after reading ”The Shack” I can honestly say that this is the best treatment of this question I have come across. The book gives new and unique insights into the nature of God which have left me reeling. I finished the book a few days ago but I keep thinking about it and I keep going back to it and re-reading bits of it – which is not like me. On “” the forums were overwhelmed by thankyous to the author. Naturally I would love others to read this and if any of you do, please tell me because I would love to talk about it with you especially over details I cannot reveal until you have read them. Brian Williams


  1. What an enthusiastic write-up Brian. I can't wait to read it when Emily's finished with it. Then we can have a good natter about it!

  2. I have read this too Brian, highly recommended by friend at St Pauls Howell Hill ,Cheam. I was disturbed by the beginning of the book, reading like a Peter Robinson novel, but the last third of it gave such a beautiful picture of the Trinity that I can see why it is such a world best seller.

  3. I noticed that the Times now lists this as no 36 in its Best Sellers list-up 10 places from last Saturday

  4. God works in people today, just like in the Old Testament days, Reformation, and any other time. I found some points in this book to touch me and move me--but it doesn't replace my Bible. I think this book points out that we can't "keep God in a box;" that we don't fully understand Him, and we won't know until Heaven. But God created us for personal, loving relationship with Him and that's what he wants us to pursue--to make a difference in His Kingdom!



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