Sunday, 18 January 2009


I notice with amusement that the wonderful Bus Campaign is giving everyone lots to talk and think about. I do hope it is read though. I have heard of many people who did not know that the new stop for the 121 Hull to Scarborough Buses now had their Eastern Terminus on Valley Bridge and not outside Debenhams. This has been widely advertised on all the buses and writ large in all the Free Presses for weeks and weeks. Thankfully, Reason has the full backing of Norma Hainsworth (pictured here by courtesy of the Filey Mercury online)and Filey Town Council .They will PROBABLY have a successful outcome.
Richard Dawkins and the Christian Church militant here on earth will not have any outcomes at all in terms of stats . It is that word PROBABLY . What genius in the one word.
I do not want to predict that at the start of the Summer Holidays I will PROBABLY be outside my back door with rolls of kitchen paper, Tea Tree Hair conditioner, Hedrin and nit combs ministering to progeny and their progeny. This has happened every July for the last 3 years. I am hopeful that the new and amazingly successful comb just bought and used in desperation by my other progeny in Sussex will PROBABLY put a stop to all my fears.

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  1. It sounds like a good opportunity for quoting Pascal doesn't it. If there probably isn't a God and you live your life accordingly, but then dicover that there IS a God, Whoops! Wheras if you live your life assuming there is a God and get it wrong, you've lost nothing. If you live your life assuming there is a God and get it right, you've gained everything. Also, shouldn't it read 'start worrying'. The prospect of being totally on our own in the universe with no point to existence would worry me A LOT!



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