Thursday, 29 January 2009

Jamie thinks he might save our bacon.......

No, I didn't see the programme. I watched 'Hustle' on the other side . There was no need to see it, every time I open a paper or magazine I see one chef or another telling me what I ought to be buying, eating or cooking . Two years ago , I ruined the Christmas potatoes with goose grease,probably because I secretly wanted to look like Nigella. I toyed this year with adding lardons of bacon to the sprouts, but good sense prevailed.
I am being fed with too much information , and not having time to assimilate it, assess it and accept or reject it. For one week , I thought that being without the internet at home might be a good thing, I couldn't read all the blogs I'm following, check out Facebook , or see the latest tweets,( which to my mind are becoming funnier than Shameless or the Simpsons). I read the paper instead cover to cover every day (Except Sports and Share Prices),The NYCC paper cover to cover, and listened to Radio 4 instead, managed 4 novels and still was taking in too much information in an unfiltered state. How can I limit the amount of unnecessary information that my brain is taking in, that option excess of a media sated culture, and quieten my mind to receive quality information that will benefit my wellbeing and worldview ?
Firstly I am going to do much less TV, and Radio 4 and though I will read novels.I am going to read more Richmal Crompton and Stephanie Meyer, no information will overwhelm me.
I am not going to learn about the sort of pigs to have for Sunday lunch. I am going to build on all the Meat learning I have had from aged parent. Never buy meat unless you know where it has come from. You can tell a good butcher by the colour of the beef fat. You can tell a good butcher by the sight of the carcasses going into the shop.... I am not going to worry about Pork either. I saw all the pig farms on the way to Malton last week, field and fields of them. My butcher will tell me where his Pork came from. I know the chickens come from Hornsea, the name of the farm is on the weight label. This is not a new thing . Small shops know where the source of their produce is. I have bought eggs from Cloughton for 16 years. I shall never worry about those chickens. One box after Christmas had 6 eggs with double yolks. My greengrocer sources as much as she can from the rich soil of Holderness. For years I have bought vegetables in season as much as possible. Why are TV programmes celebrating a good practice as if they had just thought of it. Here , it has always been possible. Probably , that word again, because this town still has SMALL shops. What a blessing !
Keep up the Good work Jamie (you are looking tired- have a restful beach break with Jools and the girls in a coastal town,where no one will recognise you). Meanwhile , I am trying to figure out the Den....K mark on the gammon skin and finding a wolds village to match!

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