Monday, 8 December 2008


So they are to go after all. Hugh Morris called it a
'brave and courageous decision that will be respected around the world . '
What the avid readers of Cricinfo will be eagerly awaiting is the list of the players for Thursdays match in India. Any spanner in the works of commerce, such as the World Cricket Industry, is only good for business. People discuss the pros and cons of travelling to a country which has just suffered a terrorist attack. The young players-in-waiting hope their turn has come and teachers look eagerly for the A1 poster given in the Sports section of the Sunday Times that will take up useful space on the Classroom wall next to the Class Advent Calendar (where Christmas is still part of school life and not replaced by a countdown to the Happy Holiday ) . It took me 5 minutes to find a jpeg for this page that was free, as long as I included the Copyright logo.

This year the Times tells us (8th December 2008) that
'an estimated 11 million people are expected to go to Christingle services this year,the Church of England said "The numbers at the candlelit events,introduced to the Church by the Children's Society 40 years ago , have risen by more than half since 2004"
I have read that a Christingle Services was held in the village of Gracehill in 1734, following the Moravian tradition of the German immigrants in the village. Parish Records say

' the children later that day held a meeting.... they were told that they would each receive a little lighted candle so when Jesus Christ , who came as a light into this world,dwells in the heart, the heart is light and thereby rendered a suitable habitation for HIM to reside in.'
We were really pleased to get our free tickets for Handel's 'Messiah' at St Paul's Cathedral sung by the Cathedral Choristers. It was a sublime performance in a spectacular venue. I was sad to read in the programme that a donation of £10 was asked for.
So whether you are waiting for the Cricket, Christingles , Christmas tree festivals or Marks and Spencer to have another 20 percent Day , somewhere money is involved. What do you think?

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